Healthy Habits

Everyone always has something that is done regularly. Something that’s hard to give up and tends to happen subconsciously and we call that a habit. But to make our habits more meaningful, I suggest we add the word healthy into our habits. It’s just one way for us to maximize the time we spend doing READ MORE

Healthy Commitment

When you put your full commitment to someone or something, from Merriam Webster, it’s a solemn promise or undertaking. Let me help and encourage you to not just start to be healthy but to bring it to completion by giving your entire commitment to achieve your goal.   Healthy Commitment to your Goal   I READ MORE


  From light to dark green, thin and bumpy skin is how we know a cucumber. It is roughly cylindrical, but elongated with tapered ends. And so just read all the way down to discover that it is much enjoyable to eat cucumber knowing how it will benefit you.   Cucumber Fruit   It is READ MORE

Why be Healthy

Our body is our first home. It is the first place of where we see ourselves. The first area where our identity resides. More than just a physical creation of God, but His temple. Therefore we have a valid reason why we need to take care of our bodies. To be healthy is a necessity. READ MORE

Healthy People Are Happy People

Do you sometimes feel the need of something to make you happier in your life? Is happiness one of your goals? I can give one of the many ways that can effectively make people happy. It is to be healthy, and when you’re healthy, you’ll surely be happy.   Identify Your Happiness   We all READ MORE

Best Time to Drink Water

Have finally decided to choose the tasteless water over the all the flavored juices and sodas? After that decision, it is even more healthy to discover the best time to drink water. And that will be according to your goal.   PURPOSE   We all do activities because of a goal. We have reasons for READ MORE

Sweet Potatoes

One of the most affordable healthy food everyone can find anywhere. According to the Medical News Today, sweet potatoes brings a powerful nutritional punch. There are over 400 percent of your daily vitamin A requirement and also having large amounts of fiber and potassium. At the same time, enjoy more of natural sugars while containing READ MORE

Why Drink Water

Love to drink those juices and sodas that taste good than drinking water? I guess everyone does. It is satisfying to drink different tastes of drinks offered today. But having a habit of drinking them doesn’t satisfy our bodies because artificial ingredients in those drinks might harm us. You might want to think about drinking READ MORE