Best Time to Drink Water

Have finally decided to choose the tasteless water over the all the flavored juices and sodas? After that decision, it is even more healthy to discover the best time to drink water. And that will be according to your goal.




We all do activities because of a goal. We have reasons for these and that. And for this article, we need to identify first our answer to the question: Why do I want to drink water. Some drink water to lose or gain weight, some other reasons are for healthy skin, digestion or body building.


What is the ideal time to drink water for weight loss?


Drink Water When You First Get Up:

The best way to start our day is to drink water that certainly gives us the energy. You can drink up to 2 glasses and make sure not to miss breakfast.


Drink Water Before a Meal

When we drink water before our meals, it will definitely make us feel fuller and will eventually result to us eating less food.


Drink Water When You’re Hungry

Whenever you feel hungry between meals, just drink a glass of water. Sometimes we are just thirsty and not actually hungry.


Drink Water Before a Workout

To protect our bodies from dehydration whenever we are doing workouts, we need drink more water.


Drink More Water When You’re Ill

Whenever we do not feel well, we need to drink plenty of fluids, including water, to get well.


What is the ideal time to drink water for weight gain?


To gain weight, drinking more water cannot be very helpful because it has no calories. However, we also cannot sacrifice our need to drink the right amount of water everyday.


There are other nutritious beverages that we can have to gain weight. We can try homemade smoothies using Greek yogurt, milk, nut butter, cocoa powder, banana, honey or maple syrup. You can also add avocado, nuts, flaxseed oil, chia seeds or dry milk powder to add calories. Using these ingredients, there’s the assurance that you will gain weight wile being completely healthy. Always remember to choose the healthy way to gain weight.

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