Healthy Commitment

When you put your full commitment to someone or something, from Merriam Webster, it’s a solemn promise or undertaking. Let me help and encourage you to not just start to be healthy but to bring it to completion by giving your entire commitment to achieve your goal.


Healthy Commitment to your Goal


I assumed that you have come to read this article because you have already decided the healthy way. With that, you deserve to be congratulated because you are on your next level to your best starting over and being healthy!


Your journey to the healthy decision shouldn’t remain as a decision. As my writings previously stated, this is a healthy discipline.


For that one thing you have always wanted to achieve in the future, which undoubtedly deserves your entire commitment. The decision you have done to finally put it all into action roots from the reason why you need to do it. And you hold on to the purpose behind that reason.


The most effective way to continue is to always be reminded of the main reason why you do it. Along the way will never be easy and there’s a possibility that you will encounter a situation that will make you think of giving up. And its normal, sometimes pushes you to your limits and tests your faith. All of them are important parts of the process.


So to keep yourself on keeping on, list all of those reasons for as many as you can. Post it on your room wall, make it your wallpaper or just place it somewhere that is visible to you at all times. If ever memorizing them isn’t enough, try to often reading it out loud. If it feels comfortable, you can also repeatedly speak them to yourself.


You are like building the best habit that you need. So wake up every morning having in mind the goal and those things that drives you. That will keep you motivated and encouraged to really give your undivided healthy commitment to achieve your goal. Look forward and be excited!

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