Healthy Habits

Everyone always has something that is done regularly. Something that’s hard to give up and tends to happen subconsciously and we call that a habit. But to make our habits more meaningful, I suggest we add the word healthy into our habits. It’s just one way for us to maximize the time we spend doing our habits.

Shaping a Healthy Habit

There was a research done in 2009 declared in the European Journal of Social Psychology about building a new habit. This study proves that it can take up to 18 to 254 days for someone to create a habit. And on average, we will need just about 66 days to make it automatic.

This is the next step that we can do as we start deciding on our undivided healthy commitment. And another way of putting the full commitment to the completion of that healthy decision we’ve made.

Why make it a habit?

As it is said earlier, habits are hard to give up. We will need the same effort we did turning it out if we want to break it out. Besides, let us not waste so much of our time having and removing habits. But instead be wise in choosing a habit that is good for us. A habit that we will really want to never stop doing.

Furthermore, to help you decide on the next habit you want to go through, why not a healthy habit. Certainly worthy of your time and genuinely benefits you. As a result, your well being will improve and eventually make you feel truly thankful.

What’s more interesting is how healthy habits will prevent future health problems to occur. I suggest that you decide to not at all allow those health problems hinder the things you want to do in life.

Finally, let me encourage you that it will not matter how long the journey will be. The objective is to enjoy every moment of the process. Appreciate all the challenges that push you to surpass and go beyond.

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