Why be Healthy

Our body is our first home. It is the first place of where we see ourselves. The first area where our identity resides. More than just a physical creation of God, but His temple. Therefore we have a valid reason why we need to take care of our bodies. To be healthy is a necessity.


Feel The Need


In the generation that we have right now, the age range of people who wanted to take care of their bodies are getting younger and younger. They are able to realize this need at an early age.


But there will always be some people who are still not able to understand this earlier. They are those that only decides to start to be responsible with their health the moment they feel sick. Or after being diagnosed with a disease. But as I have said in almost all of my writings, it is never too late to start over if we start it now.


Do you ever want that kind of feeling that you are more than able to do every adventure you want? Climb a mountain, long walks, running, swimming and many other activities or hobbies. To have a strong immune system that will not easily catch a viral infection can be an evidence of human beings becoming limitless.


Is there any one who want to be weak and unsteady? An illustration of being limited and can not do physical activities. Well, I guess no one wants to be like that. All of us wants to do what we love. Because to do what we love, is to be happy and fulfilled. Without anything that hinder us.


Taking care of our body can be a lot of hard work. There are a lot of things to consider. But we can always start small. We can begin with understanding the basics. And we have a lot of resources if we want to do a research first. Go ahead and make the most healthy decision you will ever make.

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