Why Drink Water

Love to drink those juices and sodas that taste good than drinking water? I guess everyone does. It is satisfying to drink different tastes of drinks offered today. But having a habit of drinking them doesn’t satisfy our bodies because artificial ingredients in those drinks might harm us. You might want to think about drinking water instead and be wise in choosing to intake what your body really needs.


Healthy Decision

Deciding to drink water instead of those sweet, tasteful, and flavorful drinks will be one of the best healthy decisions to make.


15 Benefits of Drinking Water

The Medical News Today gathered fifteen benefits of drinking water. Below are the reasons you might want to consider why your body needs water.

  • Good for the joints

Our joints and disks of our spines contain around 80% water. Dehydration can lead to pain in our joints.

  • Forms saliva and mucus

Saliva is helpful in our digestion. It also keeps our mouth, nose and eyes moist. Reducing tooth decay, friction and damage.

  • Delivers oxygen throughout our body

Our blood contains 90% water. And certainly, it is responsible in carrying oxygen to different parts of our body.

  • Boosts skin health and beauty

When we are dehydrated, our skin has more possibility to have skin disorders and premature wrinkling.

  • Cushions brain, spinal cord and other sensitive tissues

Dehydration also have effects in our brain in its structure and function. If this happens, we might experience problems with thinking and reasoning.

  • Regulates body temperature

The middle layers of our skin contains water, which comes out as sweat because of body heat. And scientists proved that if we have enough water stored in our body, there is no possibility for us to experience heat strain.

  • Digestive system depends on it

If we are dehydrated, we can experience digestive problems, constipation, acidic stomach, heartburn and ulcers.

  • Flushes body waste

The stored water in our body contributes in the process of sweating and removal of body wastes.

  • Maintains blood pressure

Dehydration can make our blood thicker and can also lead to increase in blood pressure.

  • Airways need it

Every time we are dehydrated, our airways are restricted to manage water loss. And it often leads to worsen asthma and allergies.

  • Makes minerals and nutrients accessible

These minerals and nutrients dissolve in water, which helps in distribution to the different parts of our body.

  • Prevents kidney damage

Our kidneys are responsible in regulating fluid in our body. Too little amount of water can lead to kidney stones.

  • Boosts performance during exercise

Scientists suggested that drinking more water can therefore strengthen our performance.

  • Weight loss

Water consumption instead of sweetened juices and sodas promotes weight loss.

  • Reduces the chance of hangover

To prevent too much drinking of alcohol, we can try drinking unsweetened soda water with ice and lemon.


These benefits are more than enough reason for you to appreciate drinking water. There are still many other benefits that are not mentioned here. Also, there might be others that humans do not discover yet. Whatever it is, what’s important is start having the habit of drinking enough water everyday. Start now. Above all, love it, enjoy it and as a result, become the healthier you.

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